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Greenbrae, CA Real Estate Market Trends

The median selling price of Greenbrae homes is approximately $810,000. The average number of days on the market is 419.

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Average Days on the Market


Trends in Migration and Relocation

Between March and May 2023, nearly a quarter of homebuyers in Greenbrae, CA, approximately 24%, contemplated leaving the area. In contrast, a significant majority, approximately 76%, showed a preference for remaining within the confines of the Greenbrae metropolitan area.

Incoming Homebuyers to Greenbrae

The lure of Greenbrae seemed to extend beyond its metropolitan limits. Across the country, about 2% of homebuyers were intrigued enough by Greenbrae to consider moving into the city from other metropolitan areas. Of these potential newcomers, the greatest interest was seen among homebuyers from Ukiah, followed by those from Allentown and Scranton.

Preferred Relocation Destinations of Greenbrae Residents

Among the homebuyers intending to move out of Greenbrae, the majority still preferred to stay local, with 76% searching within the Greenbrae metropolitan region. However, for those looking further afield, Sacramento emerged as the most attractive destination. Los Angeles and Seattle also appealed to Greenbrae residents as potential new homes/

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