Roughly 1 in 4 Homes in Marin County is bought and sold off-market. For Homes over $3 Million, 1 in 3 are sold off-market.

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What Does Off-Market Mean?

Off-market Listings are not public listings. That means, you won’t see them on Zillow or Redfin or any other Real Estate website. 

You will only have access to these listings if you are working with the right Real Estate Agent with the right connections and the right access.

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How Can I Find Off-Market Listings?

As an agent at the #1 brokerage office in Marin County for volume and sales, I have insight to off-market listings, coming soon listings and Coldwell Banker Exclusive Looks that other agents simply do not have. Contact Eric to learn more.

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Born and raised In Marin County, Eric Schmitt specializes in helping clients buy and sell their Marin homes. Including an extensive background in sales, marketing strategy, customer service and negotiation.

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